LifeSpan TR4000i Review- What People Think About The Folding Treadmill?

LifeSpan TR4000i Folding Treadmill

The TR4000i is a home treadmill offered by one of the world’s leading fitness equipment companies, LifeSpan. There is no fancy stuff. However, it still comes with a number of features to help you get the enjoyment from your physical activity. This article is a review of the pros and cons of the folding treadmill, as well as everything in between.

Powered by a 3.25 HP continuous-duty DC motor, it offers 350 LBS user weight capacity. As a comparison, the lower end models such as the TR3000i and TR3000e are only equipped with a 2.75 HP motor. With a larger drive motor, you can be sure this middle-tier treadmill offers a better performance.

When it comes to speed setting, the treadmill is able to drop to just 0.5 mph, allowing a safe warm up before beginning of the workout. Speed changes seem very reasonable. The top speed of this machine is 12 mph, a slightly better than the TR1200i and the TR2000e (11 mph).

15 incline levels are provided for more challenging workout. Both speed and incline level can be adjusted easily through a number of shortcut buttons. This makes it easy to jump from 0 to the desired speed. The speed and incline buttons on the handlebar is also a nice feature.

The running surface measures 20 x 60 inch which is longer than those cheaper models that only offers 56″ L x 20″ W belt size. The belt is not particularly thick (2.8mm), but customer feedback indicates that it offers a very nice cushioning system. The LifeSpan TR4000i comes with 8 compression shocks to provide support and traction.

At 226 lbs, the LifeSpan TR4000i is a heavy piece of equipment, despite the claim of the manufacturer to be simple to lift. That said, this is not particularly a bad thing. People generally have been pleased with its sturdiness. Featuring EZfold technology, folding and unfolding the treadmill would not be a challenge.

The LifeSpan TR4000i might not be the best home treadmill for running. The Fitness F85, for instance, is powered by a 4.0 HP Continuous Duty HP motor. It also comes with a wider 22″ running surface. Having said all that, this cardio training equipment from LifeSpan comes with a number of features that make it attractive to consumers.

A range of workout programs are included. Totally, 21 built-in programs are available versus the 7 programs of the Sole F85. People have also found that this mid level priced treadmill provides a nice display. As with the TR2000e and TR3000e/TR3000i models, the display readouts include program profile, elapsed time, calories burned, distance, and pulse/heart rate, speed, and incline.

To track your heart rate, this treadmill comes with a chest strap for hands-free readings. The TR4000i also has exercise logging ability. You can save your workout results to a USB flash drive and then uploaded them to your LifeSpan account online. Only one free club account is included with your purchase but it is still a nice feature to have.

A small amount of assembly such as attaching the handrails and console is required to make it up and running. That said, according to many of its customers, assembly is very straight-forward and simple. Most of the parts come pre-assembled. Definitely, it is a two person job to get it out of the box but this is to be expected.

At this time of writing, this folding treadmill has a review rating of 4.2/5 stars on Amazon that shows it is one of the best options for home treadmills on the market.

No treadmill is perfect, and some criticisms have been leveled at this product. A number of customers have expressed their concerns that the treadmill has a static electricity problem. You can CLICK HERE to read through what the Amazon customers have said about this issue in more detail.

Despite the negative feedback that we have jut discussed, the LifeSpan TR4000i possesses many characteristics that have impressed the customers. It wins awards for a reason.

In terms of build quality, people have found that the TR4000i is a solid treadmill. The mechanical components and construction seem to be high quality. Some have even argued that it is so close to a gym quality treadmill. The frame and motor is covered by a lifetime warranty which is a great thing.

Based on the customer feedback, the TR4000i is a simple treadmill that functions smoothly. The 6″ Blue Backlit LCD gives a lot of nice information. The large buttons make it easy to use. The secondary buttons for speed and incline on the handles make it easy to make adjustments.

With a variety of exercise programs, you should take a very serious look at this model whether you are a walker, jogger, or runner. Positive comments have also been made for how quietly it operates. The solid, stable deck has impressed many reviewers.

The LifeSpan TR4000i does not come with a lot of bells and whistles. That said, to anyone looking for an easy to use home treadmill, then based on the number of positive reviews and the price point, this product is worth considering.

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